Workshop on Future Project was held  on 9th June 2022 in Hellenic Maritime Museum in Piraeus, Greece. The main emphasis of the workshop was contribution of presenters how to foster regional entrepreneurial ecosystem and improve strategic partnerships for green shipping within Maritime industry as well as to how to support shipowner on their journey to make zero emission shipping a reality.

As latest developments in IMO regulations on Green Shipping some conclusions were highlighted by Mr. Christos Georgousopoulus:

  • There is an increasing focus on the environment footprint of companies, projects and investments. Transitioning global shipping to a Net Zero GHG emissions sector is a massive task.
  • In 2019 the European Green Deal was launched to establish Europe as the first climate neutral continent and achieve “Net Zero” GHG emission in the EU by 2050.
  • EU Taxonomy Regulation, a building block of the Sustainable Finance Action Plan aims to enable environmentally sustainable investments decisions and thus accelerate the transition to a circular economy in Europe and beyond.
  • Several sources of Green Shipping finance: the EU Mission  “Restore Our Ocean & Waters by 2030” of the European Green Deal, Public & private Green Investments Funds.


Lecturers highlighted also development of new technologies and their economic impact:

  • “3D Printing in Maritime” and its strengths and weakness related to spare parts supply chain and potential Global Market size was presented by dr. Evanthia Kostidi, Department of Shipping Trade and Transport, University of the Aegean.
  • “LNG and new marine fuels”, by prof. Nikolaos Liapis, from COO-ELINOIL highlighted the LNG implementation depending on factors as availability, investment needs, emission limits and safety issue
  • New energy saving technologies for shipping” with two main development ideas, Application of air layer and super hydrophobic surface treatment and The future electric propulsion for the merchant fleet were presented by Mr. Andrej Čufer, innovator from Orbipark d.o.o., Slovenia.
  • Renewable Energy Green Offshore Structures” with Floating Wind Turbines were presented by prof. Theodore Lilas, from University of the Aegean
  • Exhaust gas control using unmanned vehicles”, presented by Mr. Konstantinos Bonaros, from MTIS Hellas
  • Project NEORION PLUS presentation & outputs & platform presentations were made by Neorion Plus team.

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