The event was aimed at improving the communication for widespread capitalization of the NEORION project across the partner countries. It was hosted by the Venice Boat Show, that is one of the mayor events held in Italy in the nautical sector, which brings the ‘gems’ of the sea to the lagoon, in the historic Arsenale of Venice. Within the Boat Show were also provided opportunities to talk about environmental sustainability and to take a deep look at educational and sporting activities in and around the sea and the lagoon with which Venice has always had an inseparable bond.


Speakers were invited to talk about experiences concerning the sustainable shipbuilding, in order to consolidate the network among actors in the sector. Highlights were given by dr. Ioannis Dagkinis, eng. Patrich Ferretti, eng. Alberto Gualteri and dr. Maurizio Ulliana.


The presentations were focused on the aims and outcomes of the NEORION project and on the technologies, applications and best practices available at the moment to enhance the green shipbuilding concept. At the end of the presentations a discussion was opened among the participants on how new technology could be applied at the best in order to perform the sustainability on shipbuilding.