The main message of the World Maritime Fair Posidonia is the development of initiatives & technologies aimed at making shipping safer and more efficient. Equally important are the economic aspect and related energy savings, especially by energy sources, as well as the field of environmental protection.


One of the ways to make better use of these technologies is to reduce resistance when driving ships, as well as to develop a new hyperbolic drive. Mr. Andrej Čufer, from Orbipark d.o.o., as an architect that combines innovative and environmentally responsible projects presented new innovation related to maritime industry, namely “Application of Air layer and super hydrophobic surface treatment” and “The future electric propulsion for merchant fleet”. The recently visited Posidonia Fair, under NEORION PLUS organization, has served up a number of novelties and trends promising in the maritime industry and Mr. Andrej Čufer presented and highlighted these as well.


Also Mrs. Monika Cvetkov, coordinator of NEORION PLUS project presented presented the purpose and outcomes of the NEORION projects with highlighting the green shipbuilding transnational cluster and open invitation to join the cluster.


The added value of event resulted at participation of companies, dealing / working in areas that can contribute to the development of the ideas presented:  additive welding, shipbuilding strategies cluster and business support. The discussion and highlights of the new trends in green shipbuilding, based on the experience of the Posidonia fair, were of interest to the participants. Also participation of 4-helix stakeholders, namely Faculty of Maritime Studies and Transport and Department for aquaculture from Ministry for Agriculture, Forestry and Food contributed to importance of promoting and dissemination of maritime topics.