After 3 year the NEORION partnership gathered again in Bologna in order to foster fruitful knowledge and technology exchange. During Training activities and Technology transfer workshop it was highlighted climate change impact on oceans as well as in maritime and shipbuilding sector.

Main NEORION results, as the starting point for the NEORION PLUS activities were defined, as follows:

  • Common treats and challenges identification in ADRION area
  • Application of a transnational model and exploitation of joint assets
  • Enhancement of Regional Innovation Systems


Prof. Nikitakos, University of the Aegean, presented IMO conventions related to environmental protection as well as eight greening trend in shipbuilding: Fuel efficiency, Environmental Awareness and CSR, NOx, SOx, CO2, Ballast Watter, Offshore wind, Arctic dimension.

Related to established NEORION cluster and platform, Ms. Afroula Stefanakou carried out the training about registration & features of NEORION platform.

Steps from the blue growth towards sustainable blue economy were from the point of view of EU directives and open calls presented by Mr. Roberto Sandrini, from Chamber of commerce of Venice. Impact of a blue economy on environment is divided into i) Cumulative impact of marine environment, particularly, plastics, chemicals, nutrients, ii) Effects on climate change and greenhouse gas emission, like:  acidification, rising sea level, more frequent flooding, iii) Biodiversity loss, over-exploitation of resources.

Nautical market data, as a forecast economy and overall expectations together with presentation of Marine Industry as a long and complex supply chain by Eng. Stefano Pagani Isnardi, Managing director of Italian Marine Industry Association Market Analysis Department.

BIREX, a public private Consortium, has a specialization on BIG DATA Processing, Industry4.0 and Ad. Manufacturing and delas with 7 industries: manufacturing, Automation, Automotive, Life Science, Sustainability, Telco and Finance. Mr. Alberto Gualtieri presented the Pilot Line as coordinating hub of digitally interconnected and federated innovation centers to get data on distributed production line and access complementary facilities.

Offshore renewable energies, particularly utilize offshore expertise were presented by prof. T. Lilas, from University of the Aegean, while Renewable energies on board of ships were presented by prof. Nikitakos.

Insights from the workshop: